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Replacing old and damaged carpet is expensive, time consuming and not healthy for the environment. So, why replace when Malibu Carpet Repair Experts can make it look absolutely new for you either by carpet patching or carpet stretching or even carpet dyeing if need be! We have been serving the Malibu area for several years and are the experts in repairing any damage to your expensive carpet with ease. In fact, we are so good that after we finish fixing your carpet, it will look as good as new.

We offer a range of carpet repair services in Malibu to fix both common and uncommon problems with carpets. Right from minor carpet repair to carpet patching and stretching, we can do it all. We have the right tools and equipment to ensure that the work is carried out in a seamless manner. Our technicians are certified and trained, and have the right knowledge to ensure they use the proper method depending on the type of carpet you have. You will be amazed at the results we offer as it will not be discernible that we have repaired the carpet in any way. We support the Shark of Malibu High School!

So, if you want your carpet at home or in your office fixed and restored to its former glory, call Malibu Carpet Repair Experts right away. We assure you of prompt and high-quality service. Some of our carpet repair services are as follows:

Berber Carpet Repair Malibu

A Berber carpet is durable and long-lasting. It is the perfect decorative element for homes and offices, thanks to its colorful patterns. However, when a Berber carpet snags, it unravels very quickly. As a result, you can end up with a bare back carpet. Berber carpets can get damage due to vacuum cleaners, high-heeled shoes, claws of pets and even cleats on athletic shoes.

At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, we have years of experience in Berber carpet repair and can fix any problem, making it inconspicuous. We hand weave the yarn to ensure that it properly fits into the carpet and cannot be discerned when someone looks at it. We use yarn that is similar to the one used in the carpet, and we have the expertise to weave back both patterns and solids.

For patches, where the yarn is missing altogether, our technicians will replace it with a permanent piece using a section from another Berber carpet or a piece lying with you. We use quick-set epoxy resin to seal the piece in place so that no one can see the edges or come to know that you have undertaken Berber carpet repair.

Carpet Patching Malibu

Generally, the damage to your carpet will be restricted to a small area and not the entire carpet. So, rather than spending money to replace the carpet, it is more cost effective to opt for carpet patching to restore its damaged part. Malibu Carpet Repair Experts offers outstanding carpet patching services to eliminate impairments such as discoloration, tears, snags, spills, rips, pet stains and chewing, and excessive foot traffic.

Our carpet patching service in Malibu involves carefully reweaving the fibers in case the fibers have unraveled. However, for rips, tears and chewed portions, it is not possible to reweave the fibers. In such cases, we use already available sections of the carpets to carefully fit it into the damaged area and restore the carpet.

We provide carpet patching service to residential and commercial customers and ensure a quick turnaround time. You will be impressed that once we finish the patching up, the repair will not be visible to the naked eye. Do get in touch with us and we will do everything possible to help lengthen the life of your carpet with our professional and accurate carpet patching service.

Carpet Stretching Malibu

Over time, smooth carpets can become loose and wavy. If this happens, you should opt for carpet stretching. Carpets can become loose due to problems with the installation. If the installers do not use power stretchers, over time the carpet becomes loose and rippled. A carpet can also get loose if the padding of the carpet gets damaged or worn out. Even temperature fluctuations can cause the carpet to become loose.

Malibu Carpet Repair Experts has advanced equipment and tools for carpet stretching. Our technicians are dexterous in using the equipment correctly and ensure that a loose carpet once more looks properly stretched and smooth.

If the carpet padding has worn out, we replace the padding using high-quality padding that will sustain for years to come. Thereafter, we stretch the carpet and fix it in place using a power stretcher. This ensures you have a tight carpet once again.

Hallway Carpet Re-Stretching Malibu

A loose carpet in the hallway looks shabby and can be a tripping hazard, especially for the elderly and children. This problem can be remedied with the help of hallway carpet re-stretching. However, it is a challenge to do this, as the carpet in the hallway is cut to fit a specific dimension and are often seamed into the doorway transition. Thankfully, you can always rely on Malibu Carpet Repair Experts to ensure the hallway carpet re-stretching occurs seamlessly.

We usually open up the seams and then use our high-end power stretcher to stretch the carpet first one side and then the other. Once the re-stretching is perfect, we then remove excessive portions of the carpet and then seam it at the door transitions.

You can rest assured knowing that our technicians are certified and trained to carry out hallway carpet re-stretching with ease. They also have years of experience to back them. So, the work will get done correctly the first time round.

Carpet Seam Repair Malibu

There are times, when seams can rip open. This usually occurs if the seam has not been sealed correctly. When sealed in a proper manner, the seam stays sealed for a lifetime unless it is forcibly pulled apart. In case you notice your carpet seams coming apart, do not hesitate to contact Malibu Carpet Repair Experts for superior carpet seam repair.

We are experts in repairing and fixing carpet seams. We cater to residential and commercial customers in Malibu and the surrounding areas. When it comes to carpet seam repair, expect Malibu Carpet Repair Experts to offer you superior quality workmanship at a best price.

Our carpet seam repair service helps you to avoid spending thousands of dollars to replace the carpet. Our technicians are polite, courteous and punctual. They will explain the situation and solutions available while offering a no-obligation estimate for carpet seam repair.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Malibu

Pets are a part of the family, but your four-legged family member can scratch, chew and wreak havoc with the carpet. Regardless of the damage, Malibu Carpet Repair Experts has the competence to fix and repair a pet damaged carpet.

If there is a section damaged by your pet, you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire carpet. Instead, you can just call us and our pet carpet damage repair team will come over and inspect the carpet and the extent of the damage. Then our technicians will come up with the perfect repair solution. Usually, we resort to cutting out the damaged portion and then permanently fixing a new piece into that section. In case you do not have a carpet piece in the house, we can take a piece out of the carpet from an inconspicuous corner of your home so that the match is exact.

When it comes to pet damage carpet repair, Malibu Carpet Repair Experts is resourceful and will ensure that the damage is fixed to your expectations within no time.

Carpet Dyeing Malibu

Eventually, all carpets develop problems, whether the issue is ugly matted traffic patterns, food stains or pet stains, sun fading, chemical spills, or bleach spots. However, you do not have to discard your favorite carpet or retain a dull and worn-out one. Instead, you can avail our carpet dyeing service to breathe life back into the carpet.

At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts we hold expertise in this area. We offer you a range of custom colors to choose from. However, if you want color restoration, we have the expertise even in that and will strive hard to give the existing color a fresh and renewed appearance. We use organic dyes that are safe for you and your family. You will also not have to contend with odors or smells from the dye. We will perform the dyeing in your home and using our quick-dry method, your carpet will be soon be restored to its former glory and ready for you to walk on it.

Carpet dyeing can save you money and also renew the look and feel of your home. Speak to Malibu Carpet Repair Expert today and we will come over and give you an estimate for our carpet dyeing service. You will be amazed at how cost-effective our service is.

Rug Repair Malibu

Rug repair is an art that requires years of experience and training. Malibu Carpet Repair Experts has the expertise to repair all types of rugs, including luxurious Oriental and delicate Persian rugs. Our rug repair service caters to both commercial and residential customers, and we have established ourselves as rug repair experts in Malibu and the surrounding areas.

We realize that rugs can get damaged due to natural wear and tear, pet stains, water damage, food stains, moth holes and even pet chewing. We do not use one repair technique for each rug. Instead, we carefully assess the damage and then decide the best technique to fix it.

We have the wisdom, skill and tools to repair tears and holes, and we make sure that we identify the right kind of thread in the proper hue so that no one will know that your rug has been repaired and restored. We also provide fringe repair if the rug has one. Depending on your choice, we can attach a readymade fringe or manually weave the fringe base so that it can be tied to look like the original part of the rug.

We are Just a Call Away!

Malibu Carpet Repair Experts should be your first choice when you want to restore the look and feel of your carpet or fix any damage without burning a hole in your pocket. Give us a call at (310) 579-9168 and let us know of your carpet repair needs. We will be happy to come over and give you a free estimate for our services.