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Pet Damaged Carpet

We Restore Pet Damaged Carpet in Malibu

Malibu Carpet Repair Experts makes it a pleasure to have a pet around the house, as we make can effortlessly repair pet damaged carpet. So, if your pet has accidentally damaged your carpet you have nothing to worry. We are just a phone call away and can restore the beauty of your carpet at a reasonable cost.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Malibu CA

Carpet Damage Due to Pets

Pets are part of the family. It is impossible to think how dreary life would be without them. However, pet ownership comes with its own pitfalls, like dogs and cats chewing the carpet or scratching it.

Dogs are known to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone in the house. This can cause them to chew or dig carpets, damaging the fibers and weave. Cats, on the other hand, love to use carpets as scratch pads, causing damage to them. Even a heat lamp for your pet’s cage can damage the carpet. Heat lamps can burn a hole through the carpet if you drop them.

How We Fix Pet Damaged Carpet in Malibu

We are proud to inform you that our technicians are extremely versatile, experienced and talented in fixing and repairing pet damaged carpet. We have perfected the art of repairing carpets damaged by pets over the years, and this will be visible when we finish repairing your carpet.

Our technique is simple, but requires a keen eye and precision. We cut out the damaged portion of your carpet and replace it with a matching piece. This way, no one will ever know that you had your carpet repaired and you will be stress-free, knowing that you don’t have to spend tons of money replacing your carpet.

Usually, we take a piece from the carpet remnant that you have. In case you don’t have a remnant, we take a piece from an inconspicuous corner of your home to patch up your pet damaged carpet. Even if that is not a possibility, you needn’t worry as we always keep a stack of different types of carpet remnants in our inventory. We ensure that we match the carpet remnants that we have with the carpet in your home. This is a cost-effective way to restore your damaged carpet and it also saves you time and money.

At times, when we are patching a pet damaged carpet, it may be necessary to re-stretch the carpet. This is especially true for carpets that are in hallways or thresholds. Thankfully, you can rest assured knowing we always carry our handy power stretcher with us that allows us to quickly re-stretch the carpet and make it taut, just like it used to be.

Why Use Our Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Service?

We, at Malibu Carpet Repair Experts are masters in repairing carpets damaged by pets. We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out seamless repairs so that no one will know about it.

Our technicians are well-trained and have the right knowledge to perform a stellar job. They are well-versed in using the tools and equipment correctly so that any pet damaged carpet repair is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Contact Us Today

Malibu Carpet Repair Experts is always available to repair pet damaged carpet. We can assure you that the results of our workmanship will be amazing. We believe that carpets can be saved and in doing so, we help our customers save a lot of money, time and energy.

So, contact us today if your four-legged family member has wreaked havoc with your carpet. There is no need to replace the carpet when you can depend on our reliable and effective carpet repair service. We offer workmanship guarantee and our prices are down to earth.