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Hallway Carpet Re-Stretching

Get Specialized Hallway Carpet Re-stretching by Malibu Carpet Repair Experts

Hallway carpet re-stretching is considered challenging. However, we, at Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, make this tricky task simple and quick, thanks to our vast knowledge, experience and the right tools. Once you trust us with the task of re-stretching hallway carpets, we promise to amaze you with the results we provide.

The Challenge of Hallway Carpet Re-stretching

It can be difficult to re-stretch hallway carpet as it is usually cut to fit in seamlessly into the hallway. With most hallways having doors, it requires hallway carpets to be seamed at door transitions.

When it comes to hallway carpet re-stretching, it is necessary to stretch the carpet not just along its length, but also its width so that it is taut and ripple-free. At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, our professionals are equipped with training and knowledge which makes it very easy for us to open the seams along doorway transitions and use our power stretcher to stretch it from all sides so that it regains its smooth appears once again.

Once we finish re-stretching the hallway carpet, we snip off excess parts and then rejoin the seam. Our technicians are well-versed in this and when you see them work, you will rest assured knowing that your hallway carpet is in safe hands.

Why Do Hallway Carpets Start Buckling?

Over the years, we have gained immense experience in figuring out why your hallway carpet tends to get loose and wrinkled. We have discovered that the main reason for this is incorrect installation procedure. If the installer does not use a power stretcher to firmly stretch the carpet before sewing the seams, it gradually causes the carpet to buckle and form ripples and waves.

Even improper padding can cause the hallway carpet to get loose. Remember, your hallway has a lot of foot traffic and if the carpet padding is not thick enough to support the carpet, it makes the carpet too flexible, causing it to get loose. This issue can be rectified with high-quality padding that is of right density and thickness.

At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, we have also found that humidity, moisture, and dragging heavy furniture can also cause your hallway carpet to get loose. Usually, moisture enters the carpet when after washing it, you do not allow it to thoroughly dry up. In geographical areas, where humidity levels are high, it can cause the carpet to swell, leading to buckling. And, if you drag heavy furniture across your hallway, it tugs the carpet. This causes it to stretch, leaving it loose and wavy.

As you can see there are many reasons for rippled and loose hallway carpet. However, you no longer have to think about replacing it, as Malibu Carpet Repair Experts has the experience and knowledge to offer you world-class hallway carpet re-stretching service.

Choosing the Best Carpet Re-stretching Service in Malibu

At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, our technicians are IICRC certified and have top-notch equipment and tools at their disposal to ensure your hallway carpet once again get taut and smooth after we finish re-stretching it. We use power stretcher to stretch the hallway carpet from both ends.

Call Malibu Carpet Repair Experts for hallway carpet re-stretching services today. You can schedule an appointment at a time that is most convenient to you and our technicians will come over to inspect the carpet and give you a reasonable quote for hallway carpet re-stretching. Once you give your nod our technicians will take on the task at the earliest and will work quickly and efficiently so that you face minimal disruption.