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Berber Carpet Repair

Get Affordable and Long Lasting Berber Carpet Repair Service in Malibu

The welcoming Berber carpet is quite durable and is therefore a common feature in many homes and offices in Malibu. The only issue with this carpet is that if it snags, the entire weave can easily unravel within no time. As a result, you will end up with just carpet backing. Your first thought will be to replace the carpet should this happen. However, thanks to Berber carpet repair services offered by Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, you can now add more life to your precious carpet and make an environmentally sustainable choice.

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How Do Berber Carpets Get Damaged?

Berber carpets are durable because the fibers are looped rather than cut. Also, when it comes to stains and spills, it is relatively easy to clean them as the looped nature of the fibers ensures that the stains and spills do not penetrate the fiber. Rather, they sit on the surface, making it easy to clean up.

With the benefits of owning a Berber carpet, you should also know the reason they get damaged. Berbers are prone to snagging and this can happen if you do not educate yourself about caring for these carpets or opting for a low-quality Berber. The same looped fibers that give Berbers their characteristic appearance and durability are also the cause of damage. Snagging and running are a high possibility.

Merely pulling furniture across the Berber can cause it to snag. Even pets’ claws, rolling a vacuum cleaner on the carpet surface, high-heeled shoes and cleats of sports shoes can cause the carpet to unravel very quickly. Thankfully, you can always rely on Malibu Carpet Repair Experts to fix this damage within no time, doing away the need to invest in a new carpet.

We Have the Right Fix for Berber Carpets

If you notice a snag in your Berber, or the carpet has unravelled, Malibu Carpet Repair Experts offers you unmatchable Berber carpet repair service that will restore the beauty of the carpet.

Our highly skilled technicians are well-versed in carefully repairing Berbers, and Malibu Carpet Repair Experts has the right equipment and tool for it. This allows us to provide superior and prompt Berber carpet repair services in and around Malibu.

We possess a wealth of experience, and over the years, we have refined and perfected our technique of repairing and fixing Berber carpets. Our technicians are good at what they do and once we finish Berber carpet repair, you will not be able to discern that it was fixed.

How We Fix Berber Carpets

At Malibu Carpet Repair Experts, we have a streamlined process of Berber carpet repair. We use the following methods to repair Berbers:

  • If full rows of fiber are missing from your Berber, we will actually weave back the fiber. We ensure that the fiber and color match the existing carpet. We have the expertise to weave solids and patterns with ease.
  • If your Berber carpet is missing patches, we will cut out the damaged portions and replace them with fresh pieces. We take pieces from the remaining carpet you may have in your home or we will cut pieces from inconspicuous corners of your home. The pieces will be fixed with the help of epoxy resin so that they bond firmly with the existing carpet, and the repair is not obvious.

If you notice a snag in your Berber carpet, it is best to fix it right away, before the carpet unravels. Get in touch with Malibu Carpet Repair Experts and our technicians will come to your home to evaluate the damage and suggest the best Berber carpet repair option. Our prices are reasonable and we cater to residential and commercial customers.